Twinkle Hoi An Town At Night

That Hoi An ancient town is considered as one of the 20 best places for nightlife in the world is definitely not taken for granted. As soon as the night falls, the fascinating and illusionary beauty of this town is completely revealed.

Nightlife in Hoi An starts from 6 p.m everyday when all lights and lanterns are lighted up. It could be so wonderful if you take a walk along glistening streets on both sides of Hoai river to enjoy the fresh atmosphere.

Travelling tips in Hoi An with Thanh Binh Riverside Hotel

Hoi An – the most featured destination in the central of Vietnam. This place is considered as a rustic, simple and poetic picture.  Although day or night, Hoi An still has its own different beauty.

Besides the diversity culture values, Hoi An still preserves the intangible cultural platform that is quite bulky. The daily life with customs, religious activities, folk art, cultural festivities with the romantic natural landscape and special dishes… make Hoi An more attract foreign tourist.

Shopping in Hoi An – top 10 things to buy with prices

Hoi An is the perfect place for shopping addicts. Are you looking for gorgeous tailor-made dresses, amazing shoes, leather bags or handicrafts? Search no more and welcome to paradise!

Also known for its colorful lanterns and charm, Hoi An has become one of the main attractions of Vietnam. There is no way to leave this little town without buying something. 


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